Latest News:

February 8: Hope you checked us out at Bruno's!

January 10: Opened for Gretchen at the Uptown in Rolla.

December 13: That's right, Friday the 13th we will be at Bruno's. All UMR students come out and blow off steam before finals! What else you gonna do???

September ??: Crushed cars at Salem Color World. It was cold and wet, but we got paid! The to Bruno's for food and an excellent show! Should've been there.

July 20: Hope to see you at the Rolla Rally on July 27!

June 21: Playing at the Rockin' R on Fri, June 28, and Tater Patch on Sat, June 29. Check the message board for details.

June 7: Opened for the Starship. Overall, a great show. We sincerely hope KKID enjoyed our "big balls"; it won't be the last time!

June 5: Cool.